Friday, August 3, 2007

Starting this blog site over

It seems that everyone has a blog these days, so I thought I'd get myself one. I tried this before, but I wasn't very good at keeping up with it. I posted now and then. I had good intentions but time seems to get away from me. But I plan to do better with this one - really! When I started the last one, I was going to use it mainly to post pictures of artwork, but this time I want this to be a place to share my thoughts, as well. Not that anyone is interested, but I wanted a place to write them besides my ratty notebook. I've found that the thing about reading other people's blogs is that I seem to have a lot in common with the writers. So many times I find myself saying, "oh yeah, I've felt that way." or "I remember that." We're all just cruising along in this life, having similar experiences, and maybe, just maybe, we can share something along the way. I've gained some things from reading others' musings, and I hope that someone may read something here one day that may help them along, or maybe give them a little chuckle.
So the summer as been speeding by. A lot of stuff has been happening - some good, some bad, but mostly just a lot! I've been doing some art, reading, going to a movie here and there. I got older - I don't know if I want to keep having birthdays. Remember when you counted down the days to your birthday? and you weren't just 5, you were 5 and a half, then 5 and 3/4. Now, the excitement has been replaced with, well maybe not dread, but something close to it. And my age is now "More than half a century!" I'm surprised that I can even get around - not really, I'm totally exaggerating. I actually bought myself a bike last week, and yes, I did get a helmet, too. I'm practicing what I preached to my son, Matt, all those years when I wouldn't let him ride his bike, rollerblades, or skateboard without one.

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