Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Bit of Art and an ANNOUNCEMENT

A couple of the ladies in the ATC forum where I spend way too much time had noticed some of my quilling and wanted to trade ATC's with me. The first one collects ATC's with roses, and the other was less specific but one of the things on her list was trees. These are the ATC's that I made for them:

The caption says, "I love bringing flowers to a woman when she least expects it." I thought it a great comment from one of these solemn boys. I've had this vintage photo for awhile and have been dying to use it. For the Autumn Leaf card, I layered different paper - the bottom paper is handmade paper with bits of orange flowers that matched the quilled leaf nicely.

While I'm posting pics, these are some pins that I made earlier in the summer. The customer asked me to make a yellow lab pin. I wasn't happy with the first one so I did another. I sent her the picture of both, giving her a choice, but she decided to take them both. No, I'm not telling which one I didn't like. I'm a perfectionist and things bother me that other people don't even see. I will tell you that the one on the right has eyelashes and the one on the left doesn't.

Here's the ANNOUNCEMENT. If you read about Randy and me going to Southern Pines and visiting Artist Ally last week, well it was not just an idle meandering. We did want to see Jean's gallery and visit with friends, but also, we wanted to see how my quilling would fit in with the other art in Jean's gallery. Since then, I've been back to Southern Pines to meet with Jean to iron out the details and I am very excited that my quilling will be in Jean's gallery! excited would be an understatement! I'm hoping to have some things ready by the beginning of September for the next First Friday event. WooHoo!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll keep blogging as I enjoyed reading your posts and can relate - whether it's quilling or being awake in the wee small hours. :o) Just had a look through your albums - I love how you incorporate humor into your designs. Best of luck with the gallery.

Ann Martin

I'm Toni said...

Nice to see you, Ann! I recognize you from NAQG. Thanks for taking the time to look through my albums and for saying hello. I'll be writing here about how things are going with the gallery - and life!

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