Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If One More Person Asks, "Is It Hot Enough For Ya?"

Yesterday was one of those days that when you stepped outside it felt like you had stepped into an oven. I felt like I wanted to turn around and go right back in the house. We've had basically no rain so I went out to fill the bird bath and water the potted plants - there's no hope for the grass, it's shot. One of the yards on my street has an irrigation system so the grass is still lush and green, but the rest of us have watched ours turn dull and brittle - it crackles when you walk across it. The birds spend more time at the bird bath than at the feeders in this heat. They gather in the butterfly bush beside it, waiting their turn,, then will sit on the edge and drink, keeping an eye out, then step right in for a dip. They look like it feels so good. There are cardinals, bluebirds, goldfinch, purplefinch, chickadees, even thrush. Randy and I have tried and tried to get pictures but, of course, they are scarce when we're out there with the camera. Randy even sat on the deck steps, hiding behind the rail, for awhile, wondering where everyone was, when he heard them fussing in the trees. He looked around and our neighbor's yellow cat, Peaches, was walking through the yard. No pictures, but he did get his cat fix!

Later, I went to a meeting downtown, and when I was crossing the street, I heard something behind me and a child yell, "Mommy!" I turned and a woman had fallen and was lying in the street. She wasn't moving. I ran back across the street. To make a long story short, she was okay, but the heat had gotten to her, made her lightheaded and she fell off the steps at the curb. So this heat will really get to you. Even my dog Tucker is feeling it - he loves to go for his walks, but in this heat, on the way home, his tail is dragging! and so is mine and Randy's!

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