Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I don't plan to dress up this year. I have to get a mammogram and a bone density today. (It's important to do these things, y'all, so get yours!) When I was told my appointment would be today, I asked if I needed to wear a costume. The appointment clerk replied, "Only if it's easy to get out of. Maybe you can go as a stripper." I'm considering it.

I enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Coming up with an idea, gathering the stuff to put the costume together, perfecting the look. When my son was younger, it was a lot fun when we would both dress up. I think one of the best costumes we came up with for him was the Mummy. We used gauze - lots of gauze! We made it look dirty, and I used a lipliner pencil around his eyes. It was great. My best costume was Cousin It. I used 4 or 5 natural colored grass skirts. I made a spider-web design on a derby, and completed the outfit with sunglasses, which allowed me to peek through the grass.

Tomorrow will be the start of NaBloPoMo. This stand for the National Blog Posting Month, which means exactly what it sounds like - posting to your blog every day for a month. It's writing exercise, similar to NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month where you commit to writing on your novel every day for the month of November. I decided to sign up for NaBloPoMo in an effort to get in the habit of writing on my blog. I thought if I blogged daily for a month, maybe it would set in. I read somewhere that it takes 12 days to create a habit. If this is true, by the end of November, the habit should be set in stone - providing I manage to blog everyday.

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