Friday, November 16, 2007

Art & Soul - I'm Registered!

and I got every class I wanted! There were some problems with Registration, but with so many people clamoring for classes at one time, that's to be expected. I was poised at my computer, just waiting for Registration to open at 4:00 EST. As soon as it did, I added the class I've been dying to take, then added the other classes. When I got ready to check out, I had only one class and the opening night event in my cart - WHAT?? I paid for those, then I went back to add my other classes and some of them were now FULL! It is only 4:04. I chose my second choices, paid for my classes, and left the computer. I was disappointed that I didn't get that class that I was dying to take, and it seemed odd to me that it was already full. After all, I WAS there when registration began! But I figured there was nothing I could do about it.

But, then this morning, reading my email, I discovered that apparently this had happened to a lot of people. The Art & Soul server just couldn't handle the volume of people trying to register all at one time. But the Art & Soul staff, Cindy and Glenny, being the experts that they are, worked hard to assure that everyone got the classes they wanted. There was a notice to let Cindy know if you had experienced registration problems like mine. I was worried that it might be too late, but I wrote to Cindy at 5:00 this morning (2:00 her time!), explaining my situation, and I received an immediate response that she had fixed it - I got the classes I wanted! This is what I call service! Just one of many reasons that make Art & Soul a great experience.

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