Thursday, November 29, 2007

Could Be My Worst Buying Decision Ever

My friend and I were in the mall and some kids skated past us. They were wearing those cool shoes that have the wheels in them. They make it look so easy, as though you can walk along and if you want to skate you push a magic button and the wheel pops out and off you go. I said, "I wish they had those in adult sizes. I'd love a pair." I meant it, too. I loved to roller skate as a kid.

I had the old metal skates that we had to adjust with a key that we wore on a string around our neck. I know some of you remember those, don't you? I also went to the roller rink on Saturdays - I think my parents sent me there or to the movies to get a few hours of peace. My point is that I really liked roller skating.

Back to my story - a few days later, my friend calls me and she's been doing some online research. "Hey, you know those shoes with the skates? They DO make them in adult sizes. Isn't that cool?" She tells me they're called Heelys because the wheel is in the heel - isn't that clever? They have them at Of course, we order them! She wants to try them out at University Mall because it's a nice flat surface - it should be a good place to skate. Sounds good. We couldn't wait for them to come.

When I get mine and read about them, I realize that there is no magic button. hmmm You either have the wheel in or you don't. You walk or you skate. How did those kids do that? They made it look like they were walking, then decided to skate. I put the wheel in the hole in the heel. It sticks out about an inch. No way can you just walk on it! I went out in my garage and immediately almost busted my butt! I got between the two cars and tried to do what the direction said - walk on the front until you want to skate, then rock onto the heel. Holding onto both cars, I still almost busted my butt! Little kids can do this, but I cannot seem to master this technique of walking and rocking onto the heel to skate. They should not sell these in adult sizes - our brains are unable to process something that allows one to do this.
I have had these Hellys (not misspelled) for 6 months. I did make one more attempt - in my garage - to learn to skate on them. I took the wheel out. I have a lovely pair of sneakers. I'm glad that I didn't try them out in the mall first. I would have been sitting on my butt in the middle of the floor as everyone collapsed in hysterical laughter.


Megan said...

I am that friend. I tried our heelys too. The few times I got them, to roll slowly I couldn't figure out how to stop safely so went tumbling onto my lawn. one day I went walking through the university mall and saw a kid go coasting along and offfered her $! for a tip on how to do that. She coasted away laughing at me!
Fortunately early January this year I met a more charitable child at the southpoint mall she showed me how she'd start at a bit of a jog then lift her toe cleanly off the ground and there she went. Granted I haven't tried it yet but her for dummies version of the instructions made much more sense. I'm stubborn I may masster it yet. If I do we can work on it together. If not you got us expencive shoes for our birthdays.

Rae said...

OMG!! I've been dying for a pair of these, too!I'm so glad to have read this first! HAHAHAHAHA!! You are a hoot, Toni!


Martha said...

Oh, I am laughing out loud!!! You have to keep trying! How fun!

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