Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Not About the War, It's About Our Troops!

I know I posted a video just the other day, but my cousin, Nannette, sent me this one and I feel like I need to post it. Her son is one of our brave young men fighting "over there" for his second tour. We're all proud of him, but we worry, too.

I'm an Air Force brat and I suffered through a year of my Dad being in Vietnam. I know the worrying that goes with having a loved one "over there," and it's a fear that eats at you the whole time they're gone, every waking moment. It's especially painful when others say horrible things about the troops over there just because they're fighting a war that others disagree with. Talking about the troops includes our loved ones.

Whether you agree with the war is beside the point. These soldiers are Americans and they need and deserve our support and our respect. The young lady who made this video, Lizzie Palmer, is only 16, but she eloquently reminds us to remember that these soldiers are our friends, neighbors, relatives... It's a beautiful video, and I hope that you'll watch it and then take a moment to think about our troops. Then take another moment and think about the people who are waiting for them.

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