Thursday, March 6, 2008


I sure am feeling lucky these days! I just received my second One-World-One-Heart prize! And not just ONE - it was THREE prizes in one! Michelle over at Gingham World is so generous!

Just look at these lovelies!

Picture is from Gingham World since my camera is on hiatus!

The little Dotee doll is just adorable with her cute little embroidered face and her beaded hair! The cupcake girl is so sweet. I didn't expect her to be on canvas - from the photo, I got the idea that she was a magnet, but she's going to be hanging on my wall, NOT my refrigerator! LOL! And I just love the elephant - she's so precious with her little flowers and her button eyes!! I wish you could see these in person because you need to hold them to really appreciate them! Thank you so much, Michelle! Your gifts will be treasured here!

This is me doing the "I won! I won!" dance!

On another subject... I really am going to have to look into other bloghosts, because Blogger has just been driving me nuts! I wonder if anyone else is having some of the same issues I'm having? Spellcheck hasn't been working half the time lately. And sometimes when I upload my photos, it will upload several, not just one! Today, there were about 20 of each of my photos - I had to delete, delete, delete - over 50 times!! And then there's the spacing issue - in the compose window everything looks cool, but once I publish, I have huge gaps between paragraphs! Grrr, so frustrating!


michelle said...

I am so glad they got to you safely and you like them! It has been so fun to meet you!

Cookie Sunshine said...

What adorable gifts! OWOH has been so much fun. I didn't want it to end. I've put a new giveaway up on my blog and hope that you will stop by.
I love the music on your site. But I have to say...."WAR EAGLE"!

I'm Toni said...

I have to say that I'm not sure what you mean by "War Eagle" - there is no song on my blog with this title, or about war!
I tried to choose fun songs, and songs that I like. If I've offended anyone, it was unintentional and I truly am sorry.


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