Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Bunny

In honor of Easter, I thought I'd share this little bunny with you. This is one of my designs that I had the honor of having included in the Accord 2008 Quilling Calendar. (It will be tomorrow's design - March 25.) The designs in this calendar were all submitted by members of the North American Quilling Guild.

This Easter bunny first made his appearance on an Easter Parade card, done a few years ago. Since then, both the bunny and the chick have been very popular, and I have been asked to make them into pins several times.

Here are the instructions if you'd like to make the Easter bunny:
Eye: Make a blue (2 inches, 5.1 cm) tight roll. Wrap a (1 inch, 2.5 cm) white strip around the blue tight roll.
Nose: Make a pink (1 inch, 2.5 cm) triangle.
Place the eye and the pink triangle nose in position (see photo).
Face: Make six (3 inches, 7.6 cm) white marquis and use to form the face. Wrap the face with (2 ½ inches, 6.4 cm) white strip.
Ears: Make a (3 inches, 7.6 cm) pink teardrop. Take a (5inches, 12.7 cm) white strip and attach to the pink teardrop and form a larger teardrop (see photo). To form the right ear, make a (6 inches, 15.2 cm) white teardrop. Attach ears (see photo).
Shirt: Using seven or eight (3 inches, 7.6 cm) blue marquis shapes, fill in shirt. Wrap shirt with (3 inches, 7.6 cm) blue strip. Attach shirt to head.
Arms: Make two (4 inches, 10.2 cm) white elongated teardrops – attach left arm on top of shirt.
Legs: Make two (3 inches, 7.6 cm) white marquis shapes, and attach to the bottom of the shirt.
Feet: Make two (4 inches, 10.2 cm) white teardrops, and attach to the legs.
Tail: Fringe a strip (2 ½ inches, 6.4 cm) white and form into a grape roll, then attach to the back of the shirt (see photo).
Egg: Make (3 inches, 7.6 cm) pink oval, attach to the right arm.
It looks like a long list, but it really isn't a hard pattern! Give it a try!


Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

You are very sweet to share you bunny pattern. The calendar is a great source for design inspiration, even though I have followed very few actual patterns.

I am actually checking it to see if you are willing to share the source of your cardinal pin. I know of a quiller on another board who is seeking a design. I don't surf a lot of quilling blogs, but I DO remember your lovely cardinal. Is it your own design? Do you share or sell the pattern?
thanks so much!

Sonya said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Yours is great! I seen in the blog roll and links sections that we have some of the same interests and such. Your quilling is beautiful, I love the cardinal. We don't have many here in NW Houston but I used to have a flock that would come by daily when we lived in Hunstville, TX. Keep up the great work.
Sonya Appel

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Hi Toni,

I do like this bunny. I'm wondering if it's something my 7 yr old could do. She's pretty handy with scissors (probably better than me, which wouldn't be hard).

I just wanted you to know that when I called the MMSM carnival the "thinkin'" bloggers carnival, I didn't really mean it. Nope. Because would I ask something of others that I can't guarantee in myself? Wouldn't be fair, right?

So, hope you join us. Since we are both fans of June/ByeByePie, I already know you have great taste, besides your other many talents!

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