Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh Darn! I got tagged

Yeah, Amy tagged me! That's okay, Amy, don't sweat it, everyone loves doing this kind of stuff. (She doesn't realize that I'm plotting my revenge....)

This is what I have to do now...
1. Share 7 facts about myself - some random, some weird.
2. Then I get to tag 7 people, and provide links to their blogs.
3. Lastly, let them know they are being tagged. Duh... how else do they get to join in this joyful event??

Okie dokie, then, here are some things you probably don't know 'bout me, and after you've read them, you will be thinking, "WOW! I never knew that she was such a boring person! I could have gone my whole life without knowing any of that! and, Oh yeah, THANKS, Amy, for making her tell us all this boring crap!!"

1. I once worked in a mini-bike factory in Nebraska. I would assemble the whole mini-bike at my little station. The frames would come floating past us on an overhead belt and we'd grab one, put it on a stand, then start adding parts: engines, handlebars, seats, etc. It was a pretty fun job as far as factory jobs go. Oh, and I dated that cute welder guy for awhile, but that's where I learned that you shouldn't date people from work because it really sucks when you see them every day after you tell them to take a flying leap! And sometimes I wonder if anyone ever had a wreck on any of MY mini-bikes... If so, I'm SORRY! I hope you didn't get hurt too bad. But, really, what were you doing riding one anyway? Stupid people like me built the damn things!

2. I LOVE coffee, and I drink several cups every day. I've had to cut myself off at noon because of this damn insomnia - I figure the coffee wasn't helping much there! I also love vodka martinis. I start drinking those after I quit drinking my coffee. I thought the martinis might help the insomnia....

3. In my closet, all the pants are together, except that jeans are in a separate section - the casual section. All my blouses are together, but divided by sleeve-length. T-shirts have their own section (they, too, are casual) and they also are separated by sleeve-length. Dresses, the few that I own, are in another closet since my main one is so jammed with stuff, besides clothes that I really don't need. Plus, Randy takes up way too much room for his things. OCD? I prefer to think of it as organized, thank you.
4. My favorite car ever was a 1963 MG Midget that I had in college. When I got it, I didn't know how to drive a stick-shift, so I spent a week driving it around a parking lot, trying to figure out what I was doing! I left my dad sitting in the car right in the middle of a hill, yelling at me, because I couldn't master the clutch-brake-gas maneuver. I got out, told him to drive the "damn thing up himself." First time I'd ever sworn at him, (but not the last).

Isn't this the cutest car??? You would have bought it, too, even IF you couldn't drive it!

5. I've had a home computer since the mid-eighties, before the 286 came out, even. (Can't remember what it was called? 086? dinosaur?) It was a huge hunk of a computer, so sloooooooooooooooooow, it took forEVER to boot up! When I got my 286 I thought it was fast! Can you spell GEEK?
6. I'm addicted to Nintendo and computer games. I got a Nintendo DS - that's the new hand-held Nintendo, for those of you who don't know - for Christmas this year. When I opened it and yelled, "YES! just what I wanted!" my son said, "Yeah, Mom, you and every 8 year-old in the country!" I'm cool with that. Playing my games keeps me off the streets, and keeps my hands busy so I'm not stuffing my face!
7. My first date with my husband was to the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid - TRUTH! Even though I was there with Randy, I was lusting after Eric Heiden, the speed skater. Oh my Gawd! the thighs on that boy!! (And obviously, I forgot that lesson about dating people you work with, or else I chose to take a chance on old Randoo... luckily, he turned out to be a keeper and I didn't have to worry about seeing him at work after kicking him to the curb!)

I'm not sure why Randy looks so perplexed in this picture - maybe he caught me staring at Eric's thighs? Or overheard me say something about that hat?
Now I get to spread the joy. I know everyone will want to play, so I'll choose these folks this time and maybe I'll pick some more another time - won't that be fun??? Rosie, De & Dawn, Antonella, Jean, June GonnaEatThat , and, Kathy . I'm cheating by calling De & Dawn two, so maybe they'll both answer the questions, but that's up to them... Have fun y'all!
Note: I KNOW the spacing is all screwed up - I have spent an hour, trying to get it right! I HATE this about Blogger! I am working on finding another blog host - do you hear me Blogger????


Nanette said...

Are you by chance a UNC graduate or fan?

Just this nagging sound in my head when I visit your blog makes think that you "might" be a Tarheel.

See you at the Mixed Media Guild on Thursday!

P.S. Try WordPress for blogging!

Rosie said...

Hi Toni, thanks for tagging me! my email is ramquill@yahoo.com
tried to put my post up yesterday but the net was down.

My mum laughed her head off at the cat cartoon, she has 6 of them and knows all about being woken up by cats!

Rosie x

Blogger said...

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