Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April is National Poetry Month

I dabble in poetry, but the best poet I know personally is my friend, Megan. She amazes me with her ability to express herself through her poetry. Whether she's feeling happy, angry, sad, she is able to convey it in the most amazing way. I've asked Megan if I can share her poetry here in honor of National Poetry Month. The problem was choosing from the hundreds of poems she's written!
When I first met Megan, I was moved when she shared this first poem with me. It moves me every time I hear it. Megan has become quite famous around here and is frequently asked to read this poem at public events. To hear it read by Megan is a doubly moving experience. You will have to take my word for it because, unfortunately, I don't have a recording to put on here. (By the way, this was written when Megan was still in school!)

In Case You Haven't Noticed

In case you haven't noticed
I've changed for the better
I've shed that sad lonely self
The one I hated so much
The new me is strong and beautiful
In case you haven't noticed
I'm beautiful,
Look beyond appearances
For within is a fiery soul
With wit and love to spare
In case you haven't noticed
I'm intelligent
Maybe my grades don't show it
But it's there all the same
Burning & churning with great ideas
In case you haven't noticed
I'm creative
My mind is always churning with unwritten poetry
Spewing with complex thoughts
Just in case you haven't noticed
I have feelings that need expression
Just because you don't understand them
Doesn't mean they're not valid!
In case you haven't noticed
I'm walking a little bit taller
I'm proud of the person I am
It took a long time to become that,
I'll never let it be taken away
Just in case you haven't noticed
I'm me
And that's an all around wonderful person.

Can you see why she's invited to read this? She truly is an inspiration! And this next one, written more recently is another of my all time favorites. It also moves me every time I read it. There are so many others, but I felt I had to choose just a couple, and these are my favorites.

I Want To Be Gershwin

I want to be Gershwin.
I do not claim I can write music, nor even read it.
At playing it, I am utterly hopeless.
And yet, I want to be Gershwin.
I want my words to ring in your heart,
I want them to speak what you always wanted to say.
When I hear those songs, even the sad ones,
Especially the sad ones,
They speak a deep part of me.
I do not care if my singing voice is not sweet,
Nor if I can even carry a tune,
I sing the words that touch me.
I sing without shame,
And I know that I am understood.
I want my words to touch you that way.
I want you to read them with joy,
Or, with tears running down your face,
And know that I understand you.
So, in that way, with no musical talent,
I dream of being Gershwin.
Happy National Poetry Month! Go write a poem - even if you don't think you can!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Holey Luck Pulls Me Through

I may not be lucky at winning the lottery, but I'm pretty lucky at winning in the Blog world! And that's not too shabby. I feel pretty happy with winning, any time. It doesn't have to be the big lottery. I'm pleased winning prizes generously offered by my fellow blogger. In fact, these mean even more, because they are offered in the true spirit of giving.

Remember back in February when we had the One-World-One-Heart event, I won three very nice prizes! So that was pretty lucky, eh?

Last week, I won Jane's Makes-Me-Smile Monday. She claimed to use a random number generator, but I know better. I'm sure I only won because I brought it to everyone's attention that she was bribing us to write about that movie that anyone over 35 never even heard about. Except that I didn't write about it. Instead, I whined about all my troubles and I still won. So, it had to be fixed. You know it as well as I do. Jane just wanted me to quit whining. She's hoping that filling my mouth with Fortune Cookies is going to do it. And, since I want the prize, I'll pretend to go along with the random thing. While we're speaking of Jane, drop by and wish her a speedy recovery. She had shoulder surgery, and has really been through it - what with those 3 kids (one is named Spot, a dog's name - bless her heart!), trying to run a house, keeping an eye on the husband, and keeping that blog going - the most important thing.

I told you about Cookie Sunshine's Treasure Hunt awhile ago - here. I've had fun trying to find her hidden clues. And I'm excited that I won her treasure hunt after I found that Holey 4-leaf clover. But I had a little extra help because I found another 4-leaf clover - it wasn't holey :-) the next afternoon. I wonder what's next because when I received my prize from Cookie in the mail, I walked on down the street with Tucker and I spotted another holey 4-leaf clover!

This is the prize I received: an original illustration by Cookie, "Cookie's Paints" - don't you love it? It's so colorful and cheery! And the envelope it came in, too! Cookie drew this cute picture on it - notice the holey 4-leaf clover!

It just feels good to win, doesn't it? Even it isn't the big lottery! Thank you so much, Jane and Cookie!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yet Another You Tube

I know, I posted videos just yesterday, but I cannot resist posting this one that I got in an email today. I think it will make you smile when you see it. (Don't forget, before you watch the video, go over to my music playlist, and hit the Stop button - it's the one at the top, left, with 2 bars). Enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Monday! Hope You're Smiling

We started this event with a quote from the classic, The Tale of Two Cities. Last week, Jane was quoting from a movie that I hadn't seen, so I must reserve comment. Today's quotes are from the movie, "The Great Muppet Caper"...
(Before you watch the videos, go over to my music playlist, and hit the Stop button - it's the one at the top, left, with 2 bars)

I LOVE this scene! Miss Piggy rocks! She handles herself so well, doesn't she? She gets a bit rattled, but she still doesn't lose her cool. What would you do? There you are in a room full of people, a guy is coming on to you, saying nice things - things you really like hearing, asking you out for dinner. Then he makes a pass at you and makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. So, do you scream, hit the guy, or what? Kermit walks in at the just the right time, but what if he didn't?

I think I would have taken a pair of those underwear she was looking for and pulled them over his head! Then maybe pushed him out the door - politely! She said she was busy! He just wasn't taking the hint.

Plus, she was saving herself for this guy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holey Luck!

I found this 4-leaf clover while walking my dog Tucker, yesterday. I guess this explains why I only win small amounts in the lottery! Yes, I'm admitting my secret vice - I'm a gambler everyone. I play the lottery. I've heard all the arguments about it, but I don't care. I like to play it. I like to think about what I'd do IF I won the big one. Which I probably won't considering that I have this holey kind of luck. But I figured out that, at this point, I'm probably even. I win $10 here, $20 there, go for weeks and don't win anything, but overall, I think I'm even. That's not too bad. And one day, I just might win the BIG ONE! One can dream, right?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Makes-Me-Smile Monday Week 2

Well, Jane, I just might have to pass this week, because I'm not sure that I want to think yet again on a Monday, even if you are promising bribes, you wicked woman, you! And if I did decide that I wanted to think, there are some other things on my mind today...

For instance, you may have noticed that I'm a Tarheel fan, which means that my UNC garden flag is flying at half-mast and my curtains are drawn. Yes, we are a house in mourning. This family is pretty much consumed - I'm talking eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing! - basketball from the tip-off in the first pre-season game of the fall semester to the end of the NCAA finals, which ended Saturday night for the Tarheels. Although the number one seed, they failed to win the big dance, which has put this and many households into a state of severe mourning, which can only be lifted by the beginning of basketball season next fall.

And, I have to wonder how much of this loss can be blamed on US? All year, we've had our routine about watching the games, but Saturday night, we CHANGED the routine. It was, the Final Four games, and our son was home, so we all went OUT and watched the games in Chapel Hill. Did we do it? Could it be that enough other people varied their routines, too, and we just blew their karma out of the sky??? I just have to wonder...

Also, I've been losing sleep (I have insomnia) about this post that Jane had the other day. My first response was, "How sad." But, then the more I think about it, since I'm thinking, it gives a bad impression of real younguns, of which I have one. Maybe they just picked a few airheads to interview, because I have a kid who just graduated from college. I know a few of his friends, male and female, and I really and truly cannot see any of them giving those answers. I would say that his friends are typical - some are very bright, some are slightly air-headed, and some are in-between, and I can't picture those answers coming from any of them. So I'm wondering, (1) Where did they get these students? (2) What age group are they really? 18 going on like 12? (3) Are they freaking for real??

And then there's the up-coming election... so I really don't know if I have time to write on the topic today, and I never saw that movie anyway, I wrote about "the best of times, the worst of times" of high school last week - I don't want to beat that dead horse any deader. So, guess I'll just pass. See ya next week...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Pregnant - NOT!

I sent my 22 year old son an e-card yesterday morning that said that I was pregnant. Of course, it was an April Fool joke, but he wrote me back that for just a minute, he was worried, even though it was an impossibility! Isn't that the point of playing those April Fool's Day pranks? For that minute of "OH MY GAWD!! WHAT IF IT'S TRUE!?!?"

I've always loved playing jokes on people, even if it wasn't April Fool's Day. But for April Fool's Day, I used to put special thought into making sure that I GOT someone. But three years ago, a really bad thing happened to me on April Fool's Day, and I haven't felt like playing since. Someone took that away from me. So yesterday, when my first thought was about sending my son an e-card telling him that I was pregnant, I realized that I was back!

Wanting to pull a prank on someone that I loved on April Fool's Day was such a better feeling than the depression that I had felt last year, and the fear of the year before. Obviously, I haven't forgotten what happened to me on that day, but it wasn't my first thought yesterday. Pulling a prank on my son was - and isn't that much healthier? I think so. And it made us laugh!
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