Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April is National Poetry Month

I dabble in poetry, but the best poet I know personally is my friend, Megan. She amazes me with her ability to express herself through her poetry. Whether she's feeling happy, angry, sad, she is able to convey it in the most amazing way. I've asked Megan if I can share her poetry here in honor of National Poetry Month. The problem was choosing from the hundreds of poems she's written!
When I first met Megan, I was moved when she shared this first poem with me. It moves me every time I hear it. Megan has become quite famous around here and is frequently asked to read this poem at public events. To hear it read by Megan is a doubly moving experience. You will have to take my word for it because, unfortunately, I don't have a recording to put on here. (By the way, this was written when Megan was still in school!)

In Case You Haven't Noticed

In case you haven't noticed
I've changed for the better
I've shed that sad lonely self
The one I hated so much
The new me is strong and beautiful
In case you haven't noticed
I'm beautiful,
Look beyond appearances
For within is a fiery soul
With wit and love to spare
In case you haven't noticed
I'm intelligent
Maybe my grades don't show it
But it's there all the same
Burning & churning with great ideas
In case you haven't noticed
I'm creative
My mind is always churning with unwritten poetry
Spewing with complex thoughts
Just in case you haven't noticed
I have feelings that need expression
Just because you don't understand them
Doesn't mean they're not valid!
In case you haven't noticed
I'm walking a little bit taller
I'm proud of the person I am
It took a long time to become that,
I'll never let it be taken away
Just in case you haven't noticed
I'm me
And that's an all around wonderful person.

Can you see why she's invited to read this? She truly is an inspiration! And this next one, written more recently is another of my all time favorites. It also moves me every time I read it. There are so many others, but I felt I had to choose just a couple, and these are my favorites.

I Want To Be Gershwin

I want to be Gershwin.
I do not claim I can write music, nor even read it.
At playing it, I am utterly hopeless.
And yet, I want to be Gershwin.
I want my words to ring in your heart,
I want them to speak what you always wanted to say.
When I hear those songs, even the sad ones,
Especially the sad ones,
They speak a deep part of me.
I do not care if my singing voice is not sweet,
Nor if I can even carry a tune,
I sing the words that touch me.
I sing without shame,
And I know that I am understood.
I want my words to touch you that way.
I want you to read them with joy,
Or, with tears running down your face,
And know that I understand you.
So, in that way, with no musical talent,
I dream of being Gershwin.
Happy National Poetry Month! Go write a poem - even if you don't think you can!


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Any kind of writing is scary to me, and poetry seems to be the most-vulnerable-making genre. Maybe because poetry is usually used to convey emotion; perhaps because you’re supposed to express yourself in few words, without the luxury of lots of explaining.

I did write a few haikus for Shannon at RIMD’s “Mother” haiku $1000 contest (who wouldn’t write a poem for the chance to win a 1000 bucks?). Here’s the one I was most happy with:

Your face is the home
barometer. Your wooden
Spoon was always fair.

Paula Bauer said...

Duh! I didn't even know April was poetry bad is that? I credit you (with a link) for my enlightenment and posted the last poem I wrote on my blog. That was from 2004. I much prefer prose lately!

Paula Bauer said...

PS. my 5-yr-old Little just showed up at my elbow...she had to come see what the "Happy Music" was about. (Your playlist was on 'Here Comes Carolina' and it grabbed her from across the room!)

Backpacking Dad said...

i wish I were better at poetry. but wishing won't....I don't know...there was an alliteration there but it sucked so i deleted it.

MadWoman Meg said...

That was beautiful. I dabble in poetry myself, but nothing nearly as good as that.

DeeDee said...

I'm not a poet and I know it! Oh wait didn't that just...nevermind! I love your first poem it's very inspirational.

By the way, I found your blog through DadGoneMad. I've posted a complete list of everyone who left their blog link in a post called Blog Rolling With My Homies over on my blog, so if you want to see it come on over and sit a spell. I don't bite..…that hard anyway!

Heather said...

I spent many hours growing up writing poetry, but I guess I got old and it all just faded away. I still love to read it though.

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