Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Pregnant - NOT!

I sent my 22 year old son an e-card yesterday morning that said that I was pregnant. Of course, it was an April Fool joke, but he wrote me back that for just a minute, he was worried, even though it was an impossibility! Isn't that the point of playing those April Fool's Day pranks? For that minute of "OH MY GAWD!! WHAT IF IT'S TRUE!?!?"

I've always loved playing jokes on people, even if it wasn't April Fool's Day. But for April Fool's Day, I used to put special thought into making sure that I GOT someone. But three years ago, a really bad thing happened to me on April Fool's Day, and I haven't felt like playing since. Someone took that away from me. So yesterday, when my first thought was about sending my son an e-card telling him that I was pregnant, I realized that I was back!

Wanting to pull a prank on someone that I loved on April Fool's Day was such a better feeling than the depression that I had felt last year, and the fear of the year before. Obviously, I haven't forgotten what happened to me on that day, but it wasn't my first thought yesterday. Pulling a prank on my son was - and isn't that much healthier? I think so. And it made us laugh!


Cookie Sunshine said...

Toni, You are so FUN! I've had an absolutely gloomy day, then YOU VISITED my blog! I decided to pop over and say thanks only to see your April Fool's E Card and accompanying story. You had no idea how far reaching the fun would be! Thanks for sharing your sunshine on a day when I didn't think I was going to see anything other than clouds. You're the best!
Hugs from your pal,

Jeanne Rhea said...

I wished I had thought of that! My son would have probably not thought it was a joke. What fun!

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