Monday, April 7, 2008

Makes-Me-Smile Monday Week 2

Well, Jane, I just might have to pass this week, because I'm not sure that I want to think yet again on a Monday, even if you are promising bribes, you wicked woman, you! And if I did decide that I wanted to think, there are some other things on my mind today...

For instance, you may have noticed that I'm a Tarheel fan, which means that my UNC garden flag is flying at half-mast and my curtains are drawn. Yes, we are a house in mourning. This family is pretty much consumed - I'm talking eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing! - basketball from the tip-off in the first pre-season game of the fall semester to the end of the NCAA finals, which ended Saturday night for the Tarheels. Although the number one seed, they failed to win the big dance, which has put this and many households into a state of severe mourning, which can only be lifted by the beginning of basketball season next fall.

And, I have to wonder how much of this loss can be blamed on US? All year, we've had our routine about watching the games, but Saturday night, we CHANGED the routine. It was, the Final Four games, and our son was home, so we all went OUT and watched the games in Chapel Hill. Did we do it? Could it be that enough other people varied their routines, too, and we just blew their karma out of the sky??? I just have to wonder...

Also, I've been losing sleep (I have insomnia) about this post that Jane had the other day. My first response was, "How sad." But, then the more I think about it, since I'm thinking, it gives a bad impression of real younguns, of which I have one. Maybe they just picked a few airheads to interview, because I have a kid who just graduated from college. I know a few of his friends, male and female, and I really and truly cannot see any of them giving those answers. I would say that his friends are typical - some are very bright, some are slightly air-headed, and some are in-between, and I can't picture those answers coming from any of them. So I'm wondering, (1) Where did they get these students? (2) What age group are they really? 18 going on like 12? (3) Are they freaking for real??

And then there's the up-coming election... so I really don't know if I have time to write on the topic today, and I never saw that movie anyway, I wrote about "the best of times, the worst of times" of high school last week - I don't want to beat that dead horse any deader. So, guess I'll just pass. See ya next week...


CookieSunshine said...

I'm so sorry. Things will improve.
Wishing you a good day.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Hey Toni,

Funny. I don't know why your post made me laugh, I mean, it was funny, but not THAT funny.

Love the Tarheel quill. Sorry to hear your team lost. I abstain from sports spectating altogether, just to avoid this sort of disappointment.

Anyway, I did get Mr. Linky up (finally!), so come link up to be eligible for the prize. You certainly deserve something for all the nice linkage and logo-usingness.

Hope next week sparks your interest more!

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