Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Holey Luck Pulls Me Through

I may not be lucky at winning the lottery, but I'm pretty lucky at winning in the Blog world! And that's not too shabby. I feel pretty happy with winning, any time. It doesn't have to be the big lottery. I'm pleased winning prizes generously offered by my fellow blogger. In fact, these mean even more, because they are offered in the true spirit of giving.

Remember back in February when we had the One-World-One-Heart event, I won three very nice prizes! So that was pretty lucky, eh?

Last week, I won Jane's Makes-Me-Smile Monday. She claimed to use a random number generator, but I know better. I'm sure I only won because I brought it to everyone's attention that she was bribing us to write about that movie that anyone over 35 never even heard about. Except that I didn't write about it. Instead, I whined about all my troubles and I still won. So, it had to be fixed. You know it as well as I do. Jane just wanted me to quit whining. She's hoping that filling my mouth with Fortune Cookies is going to do it. And, since I want the prize, I'll pretend to go along with the random thing. While we're speaking of Jane, drop by and wish her a speedy recovery. She had shoulder surgery, and has really been through it - what with those 3 kids (one is named Spot, a dog's name - bless her heart!), trying to run a house, keeping an eye on the husband, and keeping that blog going - the most important thing.

I told you about Cookie Sunshine's Treasure Hunt awhile ago - here. I've had fun trying to find her hidden clues. And I'm excited that I won her treasure hunt after I found that Holey 4-leaf clover. But I had a little extra help because I found another 4-leaf clover - it wasn't holey :-) the next afternoon. I wonder what's next because when I received my prize from Cookie in the mail, I walked on down the street with Tucker and I spotted another holey 4-leaf clover!

This is the prize I received: an original illustration by Cookie, "Cookie's Paints" - don't you love it? It's so colorful and cheery! And the envelope it came in, too! Cookie drew this cute picture on it - notice the holey 4-leaf clover!

It just feels good to win, doesn't it? Even it isn't the big lottery! Thank you so much, Jane and Cookie!

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Jane @ What About Mom? said...


Thanks for the sweet wishes for my recovery, and congratulations on your big winnings recently. Sorry it wasn't the lottery; I couldn't think of a nicer person to win that!

Hey, I do still need your address (I just typed email address, but really I need your actual address), to send you the fortune cookie kit. email me at (or the email that's on my blogger profile, which might be different? who can remember these things?)

You've made my day with your kind post. Makes all this blogging worthwile to make a great friend I would otherwise never have met!

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