Monday, September 8, 2008

Quilling is More Fun When You Do it With a Friend

When I first started to quill, I didn't know anyone else who quilled. I didn't know anyone else who even knew what I was talking about, for Pete's sake! "Quilling? What is that? Rolled paper? Why do you want to do that? Are you going to smoke it? You aren't? Then why are you rolling it up?"


Finally, I found the Quillers group on Yahoo. There were others out there that liked to play with paper like me! This group was such a helpful resource. I could get answers to my questions, find out where to get supplies. I learned so much from these other quillers. Then I found the North American Quilling Guild (NAQG). These quillers also proved to be a valuable resource.

One Saturday, a few of the quillers in North Carolina met in Burlington. They taught me so much in those few short hours that I just couldn't get from a book! One of them taught me how to make roses. I'd been trying and trying to make them, using the directions in a couple of books. But, having someone demonstrate it in front of you is so totally different. I was finally able to make a rose! yippee!
Maybe you've been looking for someone to quill with, or someone to show you how to make a rose, or how to husk, or ... If so, stop by Denise's site, Custom Quilling Supplies. She has a good list of Quilling Friends. Maybe you'll see someone in your area that you can get together with and have a playdate. If you aren't on Denise's list, send her an email and ask her to include you. It's so much more fun to quill when you do it with a friend. (I'm not on her payroll, but I do like her site).


HopScotch said...

Hi Toni, thanks for visiting my blog and sorry about your injuries! Quilling eh? That's new to me, what an interesting effect, the roses look great. Sort of a cross between paper toille (sp?), origami and marquetry too! You learn something every day!

Custom Quilling said...

Hey Toni,
Thanks for the plug!
I also included a link in my blog ( ) to this post.

Quillers of the world unite!

Keep on Quillin'

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

mmm -- Why am I getting hungry for wedding cake?

LOVE you, Toni!

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