Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Monday - Why Blog

The hostess this week is BeeDancer who has given us this assignment:

I'm relatively new to blogging, & I'm sure this has come up before, but I'd really like to know WHY you blog. Tell me how you got started or why you got started and why you keep it up. Plus there's a photo requirement: Post a picture of the one person/place/thing that most symbolizes the town or area where you live.

Why do I blog? Well, this is what I wrote in my first post on this blog:

It seems that everyone has a blog these days, so I thought I'd get myself one. I tried this before, but I wasn't very good at keeping up with it. I posted now and then. I had good intentions but time seems to get away from me. But I plan to do better with this one - really! When I started the last one, I was going to use it mainly to post pictures of artwork, but this time I want this to be a place to share my thoughts, as well. Not that anyone is interested, but I wanted a place to write them besides my ratty notebook. I've found that the thing about reading other people's blogs is that I seem to have a lot in common with the writers. So many times I find myself saying, "oh yeah, I've felt that way." or "I remember that." We're all just cruising along in this life, having similar experiences, and maybe, just maybe, we can share something along the way. I've gained some things from reading others' musings, and I hope that someone may read something here one day that may help them along, or maybe give them a little chuckle.

I'm still blogging along for pretty much the same reasons. Some days, I post some art, some days I've posted things that read more like a journal, some days I'm dry and can't think of anything so I don't do anything.

I enjoy playing with the look of my blog, adding stuff, taking away stuff. I keep looking at other bloghosts because sometimes blogger drives me nuts. I really enjoy reading other blogs and I spend way too much time doing it!

Now for part 2, the photo that most symbolizes my hometown, Hillsborough, NC. This is a photo taken in front of the court house during a Last Friday event. People enjoying music and each other.

There are more photos of Hillsborough events here.


Hootin' Anni said...

I love those kinds of events...they're good for the soul.

And yes, I agree with your blog style. It IS more for a 'diary' of sorts to express your emotions and thoughts.

My Fun Monday is shared tho I seem to have been overlooked on the list of participants. So, come on by if you can find time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.

Sayre said...

I find that reading other people's blogs triggers a lot of memories for me. Which I then try to get down in my own blog because if I forgot it once, I'll probably forget it again! The blogosphere is a wonderful place!

{i}Post said...

I love updating the look of my blog too. Some people say that isn't good as it confuses your readers, but I figure if my writing doesn't confuse them, then nothing much will!

BeeDancer said...

What I'm learning from the F.M. assignment is that the reasons we all blog are pretty much the same...Blogging is our link to the world

Janis said...

I too love to add and change things around on my blog. Its been a real learning experience for me.

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