Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged on Facebook to tell 25 things about me. I thought it was hard when I was tagged on here to do 7 things! Since I went to all the trouble of writing this list, I decided to share my 25 things here. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anyone out there reading this is so inclined, make your list of 25 things.

  1. I was born in Plant City, Florida.

  2. My real name is Cheryl. Toni is short for my middle name – Antoinette. My family (parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins) has never called me Toni. I have a cousin also named Cheryl, who is 3 years younger – she is “Little Cheryl” and, yes, I get to be “Big Cheryl.” Any wonder that when I was 12, I chose to be Toni?

  3. I was an Air Force brat and even though we were officially stationed at only 7 bases, with all of the temporary assignments, I went to 13 different schools before I graduated from high school. In the 2nd and 5th grades, I went to 3 different schools. I was always the "new kid on the block."

  4. I’ve lived in this area for 35 years, and in Hillsborough for 26 years. I don’t plan to move again!

  5. Every time we moved I was given one box, a fairly good size box, and whatever I could fit in that box, I could keep - toys, books, keepsakes, etc. Everything else had to be taken to the base thrift store. This is why I'm now a huge pack-rat! I can't let go of anything! I have a lot of cool stuff for collages and assemblages, though!

  6. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years. Too bad I was too young to appreciate it! I was 6 when we left. Hawaii wasn't even a state then (stop trying to figure out my age!)

  7. When I was 12, my mother, my 3 month old sister, and I drove from Oklahoma to California almost entirely on Route 66.

  8. I worked "stringing" tobacco 2 summers. The first summer, I made $8/day and the second summer I made $10/day. A day began at 7 am and ended when the barn was full, which could be 4:00 or it could be 7:00, depending on a lot things: weather, field workers, tractors... Working in tobacco was THE hardest work I ever did, but it was also a lot of fun and it taught me a lot about teamwork and people.

  9. I worked in a factory in Omaha, running a drill press, making firing pins. This was the most boring job I ever had. I got fired because I wouldn't join the union. I was 18.

  10. My next job was building mini-bikes. These were little 5 hp motor bikes. This was a fun job. Details about this in the 7 things about me.

  11. I went to East Carolina University, but dropped out after 6 weeks - see #7 and #8.

  12. I went to Western Carolina University - maybe I did want to go to school, after all - see #7 and #8 (smile)

  13. I worked at Duke for 5 years and Durham Regional Hospital for 19 as a Respiratory Therapist. When I left DRH, I was the Director of the Cardiology, Neurosensory and Cardiac Rehab departments.

  14. I worked in medical software development for 5 years – 2 companies in RTP.

  15. I met my husband when I was a Clinical Instructor at DRH - he was my student. BUT, I had ethics! I didn't date him until after he graduated!

  16. I was a confirmed bachelorette and was never going to get married. My husband and I lived together (sinners!) and he asked me several times before I finally agreed. I was 30 when we got married.

  17. We have one son, 23, who is now living in Atlanta.

  18. My first 4 cars were convertibles, and we have a Mazda Miata now. We belong to the Triangle Miata Club - bunch of old folks who drive their Miata's in a line around NC! Read more about this here.

  19. I traded a 1967 Mustang convertible for a 1970 Ford Econovan camper – even trade. My dad nearly killed me when I proudly told him of the “deal” I’d made. The van ran about 100 miles and left me stranded on my first camping trip.

  20. I’ve played a lot of sports throughout my life – basketball, volleyball, bowling, running. I used to run 5 miles almost every day, but now I do well to walk the dog!

  21. I’m an avid reader. I usually have 2 or 3 books going at a time. I like to read anything except romance and extreme fantasy. I love books and will probably need to build a room to store them soon!

  22. I don’t care for TV as a rule. I love movies but I don’t buy them, just watch them on DVD or “on demand”. Or at the theater, of course.

  23. I collect Santa’s and leave them out all year. I also collect roosters and antique postcards.

  24. Another thing I collect is quotations. I have books of them, and when I come across one that I like, I put it into a Word document, which has grown to 15 pages.

  25. My favorite food is chocolate! And I know I would die if I was ever told I had to give up coffee - I drink a pot every morning.


Anonymous said...

too bad that ol' van is so long gone -- it would make the Uber Mobile Lounge, doncha think?
- p

Anonymous said...

Well Missy, it sounds like you lived a well rounded life. You are such a cool lady. Bless you. I'm glad I got to know you.
Mega Hugs,

Jeanne Rhea said...

Very interesting! So glad you posted this here as I missed it on FB.

Paula said...

An interesting read...

Antonella said...

It is amazing how much you can learn about someone with 25 facts. I didn't realize you traveled around so much :-) Glad to know you. Hugs, antonella :-) said...

Chocoholics unite! ;) Great read... I've yet to do a 25 list, but you've given me good ideas!





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