Thursday, April 15, 2010

M4 Again 2010

It's been many, many months since my last post which was about the M4 Challenge held by the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) last year. I thought it seemed appropriate to that my reappearance to the blogging world should be about this year's M4 Challenge, which is currently on display at Artist Alley in Southern Pines.

Last year, the participants were provided with a kit - a pizza box of parts with which we were to assemble our pieces of art. This year, we were given a list of items, so the challenge started with gathering the supplies - a scavenger hunt of sorts. Here is the list we were given:

Pine - Pine Needles - A Pine Cone - Anything and Everything “Pine”  
Something that Starts with The Letter *P*
Light Bulb(s)
Metal Washer(s)
Something made of Wood
Twine, String, Fiber or Thread
Bead(s) (As many as you’d like, and as many different kinds as you’d like.)
Something Blue
Coin(s) or Token(s) (As many as you’d like, and as many different kinds as you’d like.)
Something Made of Glass
Treasure(s) From The Great Outdoors
Part or All of a Book
Something from the Kitchen
Tissue Paper(s)
Thing-a-Ma-Jig (Optional)
Doo-Hickie (Optional)
Gee-Gaw (Optional)

Like last year, we had rules to follow - aren't there always rules?  We had to use everything on the list, but we could choose to exclude 2 items. If we wanted to add something, well that was where the Thing-a-Ma-Jig, Doo-Hickie and GeeGaw came in. And, of course, we could use all the paint, glue, wire, inks, and glitter that we wished - we ARE artists, after all! We don't know how to create unless we use an abundance of at least one of these in every project!

There were 25 of us who participated this year. I continue to be amazed by my fellow Guild members. The pieces created for this challenge are incredible! And, when you look at the pieces, you wouldn't believe that we all have the same list of supplies -  our interpretation of that list is so different.
To see the first set of photos of these amazing challenge creations, go here: Carolina Mixed Media Guild blog, and check back to see the rest as the site is updated.

I started the gathering of supplies as soon as I had my list. The floor of my studio was covered with pieces of paper, labeled with the items on the list. As I would find things, I'd put them on the corresponding piece of paper. Eventually, I had stacks of things, but no ideas of what to do with them. As the deadline was drawing nearer and nearer, it became clear that I needed to just start making something!

I spent several days perusing every thrift store and antique store within 30 miles of here, trying to find a platform or at least an idea. Several stores and a few ideas later, I eventually ended up with an idea. This isn't the best photo with all the photos on the walls behind it, but maybe you can get an idea. I call it "Strained Art".


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Frank Zweegers said...

Wow, this is what I call being creative :)

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