Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart - UPDATED

Welcome to my blog. I'm a mixed media artist living in Hillsborough, NC. I enjoy playing around with a lot of different types of art, but right now, I am really into making jewelry. I love working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC), wire, and Chain Maille. But I'm happy any time I'm playing in the studio, making anything - ATC's, collages, quilling....

I didn't participate in One World One Heart last year since I wasn't blogging or doing much art, so I'm excited to be taking part it in again. It's an exciting chance to meet other bloggers from around the world. AND it's fun to see what other people are creating, to exchange ideas, not to mention, maybe win some really cool prizes!

This year, I'll be giving away a copper necklace. I made the pendant from copper PMC and finished it with a light enamel. And I hammered the clasp from heavy copper wire.

Anyone with a blog can win. Just leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog, and your email address so that I can contact you if you win. 

I'll be choosing a winner on February 17 (see UPDATE below), when One World One Heart is officially over. I'll announce the winner in a post here on my blog, and I'll also send the winner an email. 

Have fun everyone! If you haven't done this before, it really is a great opportunity to visit new blogs all over the world. During this couple of weeks, I try to set aside a little while every day for One World One Heart - it is so worth it! And, rumor has it - this is the last year, so take advantage while you can!

UPDATE: I'll be leaving for the Pocosin Cabin Fever Reliever art retreat, (see my post here),  on Wednesday, February 16, and I have received information that we may not have internet or even cell phone connection where we'll be staying. Therefore, I will need to have my drawing a day early. My drawing will be done at 7 am on February 16. I'll have the necklace ready to mail on Monday, February 20, providing I have the winner's info. Sorry for this and I hope this doesn't cause anyone to be excluded... I've let Lisa know and she has approved this change. Edited 2/11/11 to note change of date of Drawing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Shakin'?

Last week a group of us from the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild ran off to Sanford for a fun time. First, we attended the Mixed Media Fiber and Quilt Extravaganza, sponsored by the Quilters Gallery, where we saw some of the most unbelievable quilts! And fabric! OMG! fabric, fabric everywhere! I bought so much fabric! and I don't even sew!! I couldn't help it! it was just too hard to pass it up. I saw fabric I knew I would never see again, and I might need it one day. You KNOW what I mean, don't you?? 

Of course, there were other vendors there, too, so I bought a little stuff from the lovelies, Jane and Louise, over at Random Arts, because their booth is full of stuff that I can't live without and I know that when I get home I will kick myself, and say, "Damn! why didn't I buy that pack of holey paper? It's just what I need for this!" So I loaded up on all sorts of ephemera because it may be awhile before I get a chance to replenish my supply. 

That evening we had 2 classes with the Random Arts ladies. Louise McClure started our night with "Floral Fragments". We painted and heated our way to create some lovely floral pins. Wouldn't you be proud to wear these? Maybe not the one I made... I want to try another one, now that I have an idea of what I'm supposed to be doing.

Photo courtesy of D. Sloma
Lady Jane Powell then presented her class, "Tattered Bird Collage". This was a lot of fun, no stress. We tore up magazines and created mosaic masterpieces of birds, all kinds of birds! We had some really fun birds, baby birds, even a meat bird! My citrus bird is at the top of this post. We tore paper, we glued it down, we talked, but mostly - we laughed!! It was FUN! Thank you, Jane and Louise, and everyone who attended! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Does Your Blog Need a Makeover?

The giveaway over at Visual Serendipity Blog Designs is exactly what this blog needs. I'm trying to fix it up, but what it really needs is a complete makeover! I've even considered just starting over, but I hate to lose the old posts. So, I'm crossing all my fingers and all my toes (it's hard to walk and hold my coffee cup - but you gotta do what you gotta do...), hoping that I win because I really NEED this giveaway. Anyone reading this blog NEEDS for me to win this giveaway!!

So, what is it they're giving away?  They are giving away a complete blog design  – including all elements in their Designer Deluxe package for either Blogger or WordPress worth $250!! I would just LOVE to have someone that really knows what they're doing help me fix this blog up!!

They give you several easy ways to enter:
  • Like them on Facebook - there's a link on their blog (and I gave you one, too)
  • If you have a blog – write about their giveaway and link back to them
  • Leave a comment on their blog 
  • Read their blog for other ways...
Run on over and check it out -  Blog Design Giveaway  Do it now! and don't forget to mention my name! Because this blog really needs a makeover!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Resurrection of the Blog

As you can see, it has been many moons since I last posted. Rather than going into all the whys and wherefores, let's just go forth into a new year, shall we? As before, I plan to use this blog to show you some of the things that I'm making. I'll also be chatting about this and that, and sharing some photos of stuff, probably still joining in with other bloggers, doing "word day" or "photo day". In other words, pretty much doing the same thing I was doing before. 

I'll be spending some time cleaning up the place because I've really neglected this blog. I need to make sure the links still work, and add my new favorite blogs, things like that. So bear with me as I get the place spruced up. 

The photo above was taken from the deck of a house in Tennessee where 5 of the Sofa Kings gathered for a week of creativity, friends and play. More to come about that fun week!
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