Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take 25 – CMMAG’s Annual Challenge

It’s that time of year again! The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) has challenged its members the last two years with the M4 (Mixed Media Madness Mission-Art Possible). This year we are doing it again - same challenge, but with a new name – “Take 25”.  The challenges have all had basically the same idea -  we all have to make something from 25 things. The first year, we were given a pizza box full of things – everyone’s box was identical. It was amazing to see what everyone did with these kits! No two were anything at all alike! Read about my piece here, and the others at the CMMAG blog here.

Last year, we were given a list of things that we had to find before we could start to assemble our piece. Again, no two were even close! My entry is here, and the others at the CMMAG blog here

This year, the participants were asked to send in 3 ideas to be included and a list was made from our ideas. We’ve just received our list of 25 items. Let the conniving creating begin!!

At this point, I can’t share the list with you. We’re waiting to see if there are any others who might want to play. But I can tell you that I’m allowed to use as much of the following as I want:
  • ·         Inks, dyes, crayons, paints – if we can color with it, we can use it!
  • ·         Glues, resin, and other adhesives – again, if we can use it to stick it down, we can use it!
  • ·         Wire, brads, jump rings, buttons, nails, screws, and other connection devices – you get the picture!
We’ve been asked not to reveal our creation until opening night, which will be March 25, 2011, at Artist Alley in Southern Pines,NC. Once I have come up with an idea and started working on my creation, I plan on giving some peeks if it looks like I can do that without giving anything away. 

These challenges are fun and scary at the same time. I’ve been looking at this list since I got it and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do!! I guess we’ll see, won’t we?


Michelle said...

I think we're all at the scary stage right now, Toni. I'm hoping the fun stage comes soon, because right now, I can't even envision its arrival! I wish us all luck, and I'm sure the resulting creations will be as diverse and wonderful as always...getting the workable idea is usually the biggest part of the challenge.

Nanette said...

You'll do fabulous as usual. You're a pro at this by now.


Antonella said...

This is great - you always start out nervous and then pull through with a fantastic creation in the end... best of luck! antonella :-)

I'm Toni said...

Thanks for your encouragement and support! I went antiquing yesterday and it was helpful. At least I have an idea on the burner!

Anonymous said...

is this a free theme? i really like the colors !

chillin with Quillin said...

nice art!

jewelrymaking said...

Be focus on what you are doing. This will give joy and will not scary for you if you have focus :) jewelry making

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